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External Waterproofing does what it says on the tin really. Prevention is better than cure, where achievable, but if problems are not fixed for certain periods of time, they can cause moisture to penetrate through to the internal fabric of a home, causing further issues. Sub standard gutters, flashing, pointing, bricks, rendercoats and drainage can be some of the many initial problems that require attention. We can help with all of them and use materials that are sympathetic to the age of the property as so required.

Only the best products used​

Due to the fact that "Sovereign Chemicals" make the best products on the market for the damp proofing and remedial timber treatment industry, that is all we use. They are not cheap, but do the job. Our customers tend to agree and are sometimes amazed at how effective they are.


Chimneys, often in older buldings can be a cause of penetrating dampness. If the flashing, flanching or pointing are in dis-repair, they will need to be tended to. Sometimes, people leave the problem and this can cause the need for blown plaster internally to be replaced aswell.


Nothing can be done about the passing traffic splashing this building wth rain water as it flows down the road. We treated the whole wall with our Double Strength Waterproofer. This silicone based product lasts for more than 10 years, is breathable and stops the freeze/thaw cycle from causing further damage.

Render coats
Quite often, we come across failed, or badly applied render coats causing more harm than good. The cracks and blown areas of this render are allowing the rain water to build up behind the sand and cement surface which forms pockets of moisture that slowly seep through the wall causing internal problems.
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