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Woodworm is a general term for wood eating larvae or grubs of different species. The four main types found in this country are, The Common furniture Beetle, Death Watch, The House Longhorn and The Powderpost Beetle. We have a solution to any infestation that you may have, so do not worry. All works can be provided with a 30 year guarantee for peace of mind, or to satisfy mortgage providers when buying and selling properties. We do not charge to come and inspect any concerns that you may have.

The Common Furniture Beetle


​​Understandably, by name association, this is the most frequently found pest. They are generally between 3mm to 5mm in length and leave 1mm to 2mm diameter holes burrowed in the direction of the woods grain. They are attracted to softwoods, european hardwoods and Sapwood with decay.

The Deathwatch Beetle


This is the most feared and destructive wood boring insect being about 6mm to 9mm long, leaving larger exit holes. They are almost entirely confined to hardwoods, such as oak in older buildings. They can be heard tapping their heads against the timbers as a mating call, which gave them their name.........

The House Longhorn Beetle


This Beetle averages 10mm to 12 mm in length and is black or dull brown in colour. It has a smooth central line down its thorax flanked by two shiny black bumps and two grey patches of hair on its wing covers. It generally turns out between July and October, which is slightly later than most of his cousins.

The Powderpost Beetle

Reddish brown to black in colour, The Powderpost Beetle likes warmer conditions and harvests on oak, sapwoods of tropical and european origin but not softwood. This Beetle eats from the inside out, leaving a thin surface layer of timber untouched.

Residential Properties

We deal with the general public by recommendation, via the internet or through the many Estate agents that refer us when buying or selling. Very often, the building is not going to fall down in six months. If you have had a survey completed, or are just concerned, call us to arrange a free site visit to put your mind at rest.

Working with Industry and Trades

If your completing any renovation work, now is the time to call us. The treatment of timbers when they are exposed as much as possible, is essential. Local restoration companies use us for Sandblasting of timber and brickwork prior to treatment being undertaken. Treatments can be performed out of site working hours to maximise efficiency.

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