Woodworm treatments can vary depending on the type of beetle, severity of the infestation, type of timber and usage of the property. We can provide 30 year, mortgage approved, Sovereign and Triton backed guarantees for our work. We deal with the general public, trades and estate agents in all areas.

Wet and Dry Rot effects timbers for different reasons. It could be a lack of ventilation, inproper damp proofing or sometimes bad workmanship. We can Treat timbers or replace them if so required. We have skilled carpenters and joiners capable of the most daunting repair work.

Tanking is a process that does what it says. Like a fish tank, the moisture is kept on the right side of the wall creating a dry room to enable a healthy and stable living environment. This process can dramatically increase the "per square foot" of a property, hence adding value to your home, especially in basements.

External Waterproofing procedures can fix a multitude of sins. We try to work on a prevention not cure basis, but this is not always possible. Leaking gutters, bad drainage and faulty pointing are a few factors. We can offer guarantees for some of our treatments including facade treatments and chimneys.

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